How to Hook an Agent: A Master Class with Michael Carr

A Literary Agent Shares His Wisdom for Effective Query Letters

From the query letter through the opening pages. An agent must sift through hundreds, even thousands of queries. Learn what makes an effective query letter and how to write a compelling opening for your sample pages. We will discuss how to write a grabby opening while avoiding the dreaded white room and its evil twin, the cliffhanger.

This Master Class is available through March 31, 2021.

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Michael Carr
Michael Carr

Michael Carr is a literary agent with a background in editing and writing, working from a home base in San Francisco. He represents writers in a variety of genres, with a special emphasis on historical fiction, mystery and suspense, and science fiction and fantasy. Michael works carefully with clients to produce the cleanest, most professional manuscripts and enjoys teaching at workshops and conferences to help develop emerging writers. He speaks Spanish and conversational French and before joining Veritas had professions as diverse as programming simulators for nuclear submarines and owning an inn in Vermont.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When does access to this Master Class start and finish?
Access to this Master Class begins when you complete your transaction/purchase. You have until March 31, 2021 to complete this Master Class.
When was this class recorded?
This Master Class was recorded in October 2020, at the 18th Annual James River Writers Conference. Mark your calendar for October 8-10, 2021 for the 19th Annual James River Writers Conference!
What should I expect from a JRW Master Class?
Our Master Classes are presented by skilled professionals who share their extensive knowledge and experience. They are typically two hours in length and include Q&A with those who attended the live event. These classes are designed to present a deep dive into a specific subject matter relevant to your writing journey. Instructors are asked to leave you walking away with nuggets of information you can apply to your writing work.
Who should take this Master Class?
Our Master Classes are designed to address the needs of writers at all levels of expertise. Most content proves to be applicable across all genres, but please use your best judgment when choosing which classes will be useful at this point of your writing journey. While our classes are available to both JRW Members and non-members, JRW Members do enjoy discounted rates. Visit to sign up and enjoy your discounted rates as a JRW Member.

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